And a Merciful Master

And a Merciful Master

September 18

Read: MATTHEW 20:1-16

Here we go again, though it’s not a single reluctant prophet this time, but a whole group of curmudgeonly begrudgers. Groupthink can do that to us; in fact, it often does. Think of anti-immigration rallies and the like, places where groups of people look down their noses at various sorts of Johnny-come-latelies. It even happens in churches that fail to fully engage their newcomers. Mercy? Ha! They haven’t been here bearing the heat of the day.

Once again, our focus in this parable might be better placed on the vineyard’s master rather than the vineyard’s laborers. Who is that Master? Our heavenly Father. The Good. The Generous. The Gracious. It is almost as if we need to hear God saying to each of us, “Are you jealous of my mercy? Don’t you realize my mercy also extends to you?”

Lord, help me to know that personal merit has absolutely nothing to do with your saving me or your loving me. AMEN.

About the Author

Rick and Gail Mylander are lifelong Covenanters. They are currently serving at Bethlehem Covenant in Minneapolis where Rick is transitional lead pastor, but are members of Newport Covenant Church in Bellevue, Washington.

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