Just Mercy

Just Mercy

September 13

Read: GENESIS 50:15-21

Our theme for the week is mercy and forgiveness, and who better to start us along this journey than Joseph the patriarch? There is not one single indication in this amazing fourteen-chapter narrative that Joseph ever responded to anyone with anything but mercy. And if anyone ever had reason for responses that were otherwise-minded, it would be him. Last month, Gail and I saw the movie Just Mercy, with Michael B. Jordan in the role as Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama. EJI is one of the newer stops along the way during a Covenant Sankofa journey. The movie is excellent, as is the book of the same title. Stevenson, a dedicated believer, has also had numerous opportunities to practice and teach mercy and forgiveness in otherwiseminded circumstances. Got an extra half hour today? Read Joseph’s whole story (Genesis 37-50), and take in several lessons on mercy and forgiveness along the way.

Spirit of God, mercy cuts against the grain of many of my inclinations. Forgive me. AMEN.

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Rick and Gail Mylander are lifelong Covenanters. They are currently serving at Bethlehem Covenant in Minneapolis where Rick is transitional lead pastor, but are members of Newport Covenant Church in Bellevue, Washington.

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