Choose Forgiveness over Retaliation

Choose Forgiveness over Retaliation

September 12

Read: MATTHEW 18:15-20

In today’s passage Jesus teaches us a confrontational process for dealing with conflict within our faith community. Jesus calls us to explore possibilities toward conflict resolution, and he outlines a thoughtful, purposeful process. Regardless of whether we are the offender or the victim of such things like betrayal, broken promises, disclosed secrets, false accusations, rejection, discrimination, gossip, violence, or any kind of abuse, we are called to initiate the process to resolve the situation. We should never allow retaliation, vindictiveness, or the desire to get even to drive us. Furthermore, we are called to clarify any divergence by speaking the truth and extending forgiveness. Forgiveness is an act of self-healing and self-empowerment that seeks the restoration of broken trust and damaged dignity. Forgiveness is the healing path from sadness, hate, anger, and bitterness.

Let us carefully invite the Spirit to prepare and accompany us in this journey.

Dear Lord, thank you for teaching us the art of forgiveness. AMEN.

About the Author

Pia Peña Restrepo is an ordained Covenant pastor and missionary serving with her husband, Eugenio, as regional coordinator to Latin America and the Caribbean.

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