Choose Obedience over Defiance

Choose Obedience over Defiance

September 8

Read: PSALM 103:15-22

In this psalm we are cautioned to obey God’s commands. We are called “mighty ones” (v. 20) when we are obedient. Obedience is tough. Our human tendency is to make our own internal guidelines and silent rules. However, we are reminded that God’s love is poured out over those who fear and obey his words.

Many times I rebel and make up amendments to God’s decrees by telling white lies, giving sympathetic excuses, sabotaging Sabbath, craving meaningless things, envying my neighbor’s greener grass, undervaluing the command to truly honor my parents, murdering others with my judgments, worshiping the idols of success and fame, bearing false witness with my fear and shyness when others are maltreated, and robbing others of affirmation because I am too self-absorbed in my own misery, self-pity, or unfulfilled dreams. I defy God’s commandments when I do not seek his face or humbly enjoy his presence but instead present myself with a list of requests.

Dear Lord, forgive me for failing to obey your commands. AMEN.

About the Author

Pia Peña Restrepo is an ordained Covenant pastor and missionary serving with her husband, Eugenio, as regional coordinator to Latin America and the Caribbean.

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