Choose Awareness over Indifference

Choose Awareness over Indifference

September 7

Read: PSALM 103:1-14

God seeks true worshipers. A heartfelt worship is marked by sensible self-awareness of our “inmost being,” an introspection of our broken, fragile, and sinful humanity, and a profound acknowledgment of God’s character. We sincerely worship God when we name his deeds and honor him through our attitudes, actions, thoughts, and words, and when we admit and name our own failures. We truly worship God when we don’t become indifferent to his mercies and faithfulness. We are true worshipers when we repent of our envious mindsets and unfair comparisons, when we confess immoral thoughts and refrain from actions and words that harm others. We disrespect God’s holiness with our self-pity, unhealthy fantasies, and continuous complaints. Worship is an intelligent response, not an indifferent, demanding, greedy attitude. I am a pretender when I praise God thinking I deserve what I want.

Dear Lord, help us to be self-aware of our pettiness, indifference, and greedy demands. AMEN.

About the Author

Pia Peña Restrepo is an ordained Covenant pastor and missionary serving with her husband, Eugenio, as regional coordinator to Latin America and the Caribbean.

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