Choose Life over Death

Choose Life over Death

September 6

Read: EZEKIEL 33:10-11

God’s people had fallen into the depth of despair by acknowledging their own wickedness and their merited punishment. They declared they were “wasting away” because of their offenses against God (v. 10). In the midst of this desolation and brokenness, God presents a choice: Turn! Repent! Choose to live!

A response to God’s plea is a conscious choice. We choose life by turning away from sinful ways, or we choose death by disregarding God’s commands, thus surrendering to proud self-confidence and vain selfish cravings. We choose life when we tell the truth, when we grant forgiveness, when we ask for help. We choose death when we feed resentment, when we tolerate injustice or mask the truth, when anger is unrestrained, when self-indulgence triumphs over generosity and simplicity. We choose death when we become accomplices through our negligence, ignoring the needy, the foreigner, the orphan.

What will you choose today?

Dear Lord, may you be the guardian of our choices. Thank you for not treating us as our faults deserve. AMEN.

About the Author

Pia Peña Restrepo is an ordained Covenant pastor and missionary serving with her husband, Eugenio, as regional coordinator to Latin America and the Caribbean.

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