Peace to the Storm

Peace to the Storm

August 27

Read: MATTHEW 8:23-27

At least the disciples knew whom to call, and who had the power to save them from the storm.

I can remember being in trouble and not knowing that Jesus was the answer. I had learned self-sufficiency in college (which didn’t work out as well as I had planned), so when I moved to Washington D.C. I continued to rely on myself instead of on God. Two of my friends spoke truth to me. In a nonjudgmental way, they said I needed to go to church. As I reconnected with the faith of my childhood, the heaviness lifted and the chaos dissipated. As I began to speak to Jesus, he began to speak to the storms in my life, and peace entered in.

Thankfully my friends told me who could still my raging seas. Now it’s my turn to share with others that Jesus is the one whom the wind and sea obey.

Lord, give us faith to believe that you can still every storm. In the name of him who is our peace, AMEN.

About the Author

Georgia Hill is a Covenant church planter in Detroit, Michigan. She is also a college professor, attorney, and has served as a pastoral resident at LifeChurch Southfield in Southfield Michigan.

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  1. Your devotions are a sense of comfort. We share messages a lot of the young women we pray to give hope for them. “We share them for we “older women too!”. It is an opportunity right now to give hope and encouragement in our Savior! Thank you. God’s timing is good.

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