For the Sake of “Others”

For the Sake of “Others”

August 20

Read: MATTHEW 8:5-13

Jesus again uplifts the faith of an outsider, albeit one with power. This Roman centurion holds authority over 100 men. What makes his faith so unique that Jesus lauds this Gentile over and above all in Israel?

The centurion has concern for his servant. In their social context, he doesn’t have love for the servant and use his voice to advocate for the one in need, yet he lowers himself, revealing his mercy and compassion.

The power of the good news is available to all. All have access— especially the poor, the sick, the vulnerable—and the centurion recognizes this way in Jesus. The centurion submits himself to the authority of Jesus rather than touting his privilege, position, and dominance. The servant is healed.

This is the heart of intercession, to advocate on behalf of others to Jesus.

Jesus, give us eyes to see the vulnerable around us. Grant us mercy and compassion so that your justice can roll like thunder. AMEN.

About the Author

In 2012, David Jin Sim received his MDiv degree from Seattle Pacific Seminary. While there, he and his wife Janice launched a home group for young adults which became the beginnings of Renew Covenant Church in the Seattle area, the congregation that he currently serves as pastor.

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