Not Perfect, but Redeemed

Not Perfect, but Redeemed

August 15

Read: ROMANS 8:28-30

When I first came to faith in high school, I thought that following Jesus would make everything in my life good. That’s what Scripture tells us, after all—that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God.

I think the well-intentioned adults who spoke this into my life were only giving half of the truth—as we know, sometimes bad things happen. Now, when I look back at whatever I went through that was considered “bad,” I see that while it wasn’t always made perfect and I might not have always gotten an answer “why,” God has redeemed those experiences for me to bring others closer to him.

We might not receive God’s glory now, but God has irrevocably extended his glory to us and to others.

God, help us remember that the while the pain of our situations may be real, so is your ability to redeem them. May it be so. AMEN.

About the Author

Travis Randolph is a member of Galesburg (Illinois) Covenant Church and is working on completing his MDiv degree at North Park Theological Seminary. He is a licensed pastor currently serving as the director of children and youth ministry at a Methodist church in Galesburg.

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