The Lord Is Gracious and Compassionate

The Lord Is Gracious and Compassionate

August 5

Read: PSALM 145:8-9, 14-21

Over my years of pastoral ministry, there is one basic thing that I find all of us have a really hard time grasping. It is one thing that addresses the heart of the bulk of my pastoral counseling. It is the thing about which we have heard hundreds of sermons. It is the thing about which I have preached hundreds of sermons and, in reality, I have a hard time fathoming it. All of my anxieties, fears, insecurities, difficulties in relationships, and need to achieve comes from losing track of this one basic thing. Wait for it…

God really does love me!

It is that basic. I encourage you to re-read the Scripture for today. At the end of each verse simply say, out loud if possible, “God really does love me!”

Dear Lord, I embrace your amazing grace, realizing right now that you really do love me. AMEN.

About the Author

Wayne Smith is a retired Covenant pastor who has served churches in Portland, Oregon; the Republic of Panama; Fairfield, Ohio; and Tacoma, Washington. He currently worships with the same church where he began to follow Christ—West Hills Covenant Church in Portland.

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