Reversals and Inversions

Reversals and Inversions

July 25

Read: ISAIAH 55:10-13

Today’s reading portrays the joy and fullness of life centered on the word of God. God’s purposes infuse Scripture with an unstoppable force.

The force of grace is visible as inversions and reversals. “Instead of the thorn shall come up the cypress; instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle” (v. 13). Jesus employed inversions and retrogrades to confront his listeners with their upside down and backward biases. The last would be first, the meek would inherit the earth, and the kingdom would belong to the childlike.

We must hold loosely our preconceived notions and invite Scripture to expose our distorted assumptions. Our brokenness impairs our ability to see clearly what is written, but the word will succeed in the thing for which God sent it. As we are transformed by our reading, our reading is itself transformed. We learn to see right-side up!

Claiming faith as one’s own requires radical reorientation. God’s grace interrupts our natural inclinations.

Dear God, accomplish your purposes in me, for your glory. AMEN.

About the Author

Scott Burnett is the worship pastor at Newport Covenant Church in Bellevue, Washington. In addition to ministry and music, he teaches creativity classes at an art and faith retreat center in the Cascade Mountains called the Grünewald Guild.

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