Already, Not Yet

Already, Not Yet

July 23

Read: ROMANS 8:18-25

Our hope in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ aligns us with a force that impels history toward newness and liberation from decay. Christian redemption is for whole persons and for the wholeness of creation. We are reconciled with God through the atoning work of Christ. Hopeless separation is overruled by gracious embrace. The metaphor of adoption conveys the emotional and visceral depth of that relationship.

As children of God in the here and now, we understand our lives in the context of “already but not yet.” Freedom, redemption, and wholeness characterize the glorious conclusion in which we hope. Though future, God’s promised outcome informs our present days and is noticeable in our attitudes, actions, and aspirations. It is much more than a faraway glimmer.

To claim faith as one’s own is to eagerly expect the complete fulfillment of God’s promises. Such eagerness is not incongruent with patience, but rather energizes our waiting and activates our fruitfulness.

God, reveal in me the joy of your salvation. AMEN.

About the Author

Scott Burnett is the worship pastor at Newport Covenant Church in Bellevue, Washington. In addition to ministry and music, he teaches creativity classes at an art and faith retreat center in the Cascade Mountains called the Grünewald Guild.

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