World Vision Invites Pastors to Racial Righteousness Journey

(July 20, 2020)—Covenant pastors are invited to participate in May We Be One—Pastors Pursuing Racial Righteousness, a one-year journey for pastors, convened by World Vision. The purpose is to create a “community of pastors who are seeking to engage with one another to dismantle racism and change the landscape of the church.”

The core planning team is led by Covenant ministers Soong-Chan Rah and Efrem Smith. They are building a faculty who will share monthly for learning, action, and transformation.

“As the body of Christ, we are being confronted with the devastating impact of racism in America as never before,” says Scot Gillan, director of Covenant Kids Congo, a partnership between the ECC and World Vision. “The beauty of the Covenant is our diversity, experience, and ongoing commitment to biblical justice. Maybe you have been looking for a resource to help you navigate conversations about racial justice in your church, or perhaps you have been doing this work for years and are tired of feeling alone. Not only will this be a year of learning, but you will be connected with a community that is in it with you, committed to these values.”

The learning experience is designed for pastors and pastoral staff. Participants will:

  • Work through a required reading list
  • Gather virtually across the country for teaching sessions led by key leaders in this movement
  • Embark on optional events and experiences

For more information and to register, click here.


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  1. Ditto Connie! Any chance that the reading list can be made available for other interested individuals?

    1. From Scot Gillan: “Some church leaders have expressed interest in this experience, which is so encouraging! I will share this with our partners at World Vision.”

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