Embracing God’s Grace

Embracing God’s Grace

July 17

Read: ROMANS 7:14-25a

During my early years of ministry, my prayer life was taking off and my love for the Lord was growing. I was also becoming more and more aware of my sinful nature. It began to trouble me to such an extent that I thought I should stop my internship at church and work on getting myself into a better spiritual condition. I believed that I could not do anything to becoming holy or pure. I finally decided to speak to my supervising pastor. He explained that as I grew closer in my walk with God, the searchlight of God was shining into my life. In the light of God’s holiness, my sinful nature was coming into clearer focus.

I was relieved to hear his explanation and continue my internship. It was wonderful to learn about the depth of God’s forgiveness and his full acceptance of me just as I was. I could not become pure or holy in my own strength. Like Paul, I learned that only Christ could deliver me and present me righteous before a great and glorious God.

Father God, thank you for your forgiveness. Help me to see people through your eyes of compassion and to extend forgiveness and grace. AMEN.

About the Author

Viji Nakka-Cammauf is an ordained Covenant pastor who is currently president of Little Flock Children’s Homes, a ministry to orphans and widows in India and teaches spiritual formation at Sam Higginbotham University of Science, Agriculture, and Technology in Allahabad, India. She is also on the board of Covenant World Relief.

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