Praying for a Marriage Partner

Praying for a Marriage Partner

July 14

GENESIS 24:34-38,42-49,58-67

Arranged marriages are still in practice in India. When I was in high school, my parents looked for a husband for my sister. So great was her trust that they would find the most suitable husband for her, she did not even need to see a photo of him. Families are close-knit in India, and one always wants to marry someone who will relate well to the family.

It would be easy for an Indian to understand Abraham’s desire to select a bride for his son from a particular house. Abraham trusts God to send an angel to lead his servant to the right household and the right woman. The man prays and asks God to guide him in a very specific way, and God answers his prayer and leads him to Rebekah at a well. Isaac is meditating on the Lord and sees the camels and Rebekah. Sarah has been praying for a wife to console Isaac when she dies. God answers all their prayers in a beautiful way, and Isaac takes Rebekah as his wife.

My parents’ selection of a husband for my sister has worked out beautifully too. After many years, God answered my prayers and my parents accepted Christ.

Thank you, God, for always hearing our prayers and for your answers. AMEN.

About the Author

Viji Nakka-Cammauf is an ordained Covenant pastor who is currently president of Little Flock Children’s Homes, a ministry to orphans and widows in India and teaches spiritual formation at Sam Higginbotham University of Science, Agriculture, and Technology in Allahabad, India. She is also on the board of Covenant World Relief.

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