Worshiping God Alone

Worshiping God Alone

July 12

Read: PSALM 119:89-91

I grew up India in a pluralistic religious atmosphere where people worshiped objects, plants, and animals as sacred along with God. In addition to the number of deities, gods, and goddesses, a strong level of superstitious beliefs governed our lives. It was a refreshing freedom for me to encounter the God of the Bible and his settled word as described in today’s passage.

God created the moon and the stars, the animals and the plants along with humans, and God alone deserves our worship and adoration. While the gods of Hinduism need to be appeased through sacrifice and offerings, the Triune God of the Bible desires our relationship. He made a way for this relationship through his own offering and sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ. Along with Christ, he offers us many precious promises in his word. He is a faithful God whose word is settling and stabilizing.

Thank you, Father God, for your hand in creating us. Thank you for settling your word in heaven with all its precious promises. Draw us closer into relationship with you today. AMEN.

About the Author

Viji Nakka-Cammauf is an ordained Covenant pastor who is currently president of Little Flock Children’s Homes, a ministry to orphans and widows in India and teaches spiritual formation at Sam Higginbotham University of Science, Agriculture, and Technology in Allahabad, India. She is also on the board of Covenant World Relief.

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