Present in the Now

Present in the Now

July 8

Read: MATTHEW 11:25-30

Psychologists say that at age three, a child’s response to life is 90 percent spontaneous. However, by age thirty, 90 percent of our response to life is rote. Repetition. Learned behavior. It can mean that whatever comes our way can be difficult to take at face value, without preconceived thoughts or opinions. It is helpful to remember that our experience of something can greatly affect how we receive and understand something similar.

Initially, Jesus came as someone similar. Teacher. Prophet. However, the titles of Christ or Messiah began to stretch the imagination of the people. For the religious authorities, this became a step too far. They knew a thing or two, and Jesus could not be who he claimed to be. They could not conceive of such a thing. Jesus’s response is that in order to fully see him, one must adopt the mien of a child—one who can be open to something new, without preconceptions. One who is fully present in the moment and receives Jesus exactly for who he is.

Creator God, allow me to be present in the now in such a way that I am fully available to you and what you may have to say. AMEN.

About the Author

Paul Lessard serves the ECC as executive minister of Start and Strengthen Churches. Over his years of ministry, he has been a worship pastor, senior pastor, and non-profit consultant. He also has 17 years serving in teaching, administrative, and executive roles for Covenant Bible College and Colorado Christian College.

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