Binding Preconceptions

Binding Preconceptions

July 6

Read: MATTHEW 11:1-6

A few years back, my family and I went to the Amazon. Twice a day, we walked with a guide, looking for birds, bugs, and snakes. We were very focused in our pursuit but did not see much of anything. Finally, the guide encouraged us to set aside our preconceptions and simply be aware of the jungle. That is when we began to see the wildlife.

John the Baptist is confined to prison and begins to wonder if Jesus is indeed the Christ—a confusing development after John’s own recognition of Jesus (3:13-17). However, John had announced the coming Christ as one who would baptize in the Spirit and fire, bringing a swift and necessary justice. So, the reports John’s followers bring of the compassionate work of Jesus as healer and comforter cause him to think maybe he had been wrong. John did not realize Jesus had another mission to accomplish before his eschatological work as judge, and John’s narrow focus caused him to miss the full story of Christ.

God of heaven, release us from our preconceptions of how you are to work in our world, so that we may be a part of bringing your kingdom now. AMEN.

About the Author

Paul Lessard serves the ECC as executive minister of Start and Strengthen Churches. Over his years of ministry, he has been a worship pastor, senior pastor, and non-profit consultant. He also has 17 years serving in teaching, administrative, and executive roles for Covenant Bible College and Colorado Christian College.

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