Mismatched Expectations

Mismatched Expectations

July 5

Read: ZECHARIAH 9:9-12

The phone call came late in the evening. “The team decided to go with a different candidate,” said the voice. I ended the call and confusion washed over me. I had fully expected to get the job. I really wanted it. But the Lord had a different plan in mind for me—something better and more suited to his purpose and my gifts.

The prophecy in Zechariah 9:9 is realized when Jesus rides a donkey into Jerusalem. “See, your king comes to you,” writes the prophet then, and the crowd cheers centuries later. “Lowly and riding on a donkey,” continues Zechariah. This is where the choice of Jesus causes confusion for the crowd. Their expectations painted a picture of a king on a horse, a political and military leader, come to restore the kingdom of Israel. Instead, the King of kings rides in on a donkey, a symbol of peace. Jesus makes a “mess of the picture they were creating” and comes as the Savior they need, not the savior they want (IVP New Testament Commentary). Jesus continually deals with our mismatched expectations, refusing to be bound by them.

Gracious God, give me the courage to set aside my expectations of you in order to more fully receive who you truly are. AMEN.

About the Author

Paul Lessard serves the ECC as executive minister of Start and Strengthen Churches. Over his years of ministry, he has been a worship pastor, senior pastor, and non-profit consultant. He also has 17 years serving in teaching, administrative, and executive roles for Covenant Bible College and Colorado Christian College.

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