Blessing Comes after Obedience

Blessing Comes after Obedience

June 30

Read: GENESIS 22:15-18

This moment in Abraham’s journey brings me delight and assurance of God’s goodness. Abraham does not operate based off of a five to ten year plan; he doesn’t know the details of what’s to come. He chooses to simply take the next step, following God’s lead.

Abraham moves in obedience and God is quick to send a reminder of the blessing that is to come. This blessing will not only benefit Abraham, but it will bless the entire world and God will be glorified.

Recall a time when God was inviting you to act in obedience without knowing all the details. Was this moment in your journey a simple decision? Was it difficult? What about the outcome? Did you notice a sense of confirmation once you followed through in obedience? Were other people blessed by your obedience?

Giver of every good gift, instill in us a desire to obey your prompting through both the mundane and the grand. May our obedience bear fruit for generations to come. AMEN.

About the Author

Izabela Cormier serves as worship arts director at Canal Street Church in New Orleans, which was adopted into the Covenant seven years ago. She and her husband, Max are “parents” to an extra fluffy, super playful miniature Siberian husky named Clive Staples Cormier.

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