Don’t Settle for Counterfeit Words

Don’t Settle for Counterfeit Words

Monday, June 29

Read: JEREMIAH 28:5-9

In a recent season of depression, I would have listened to Hananiah’s message. I would have put my hope in a false gospel, an unreliable source, in counterfeit words. The passage continues and we notice that Jeremiah’s reply illuminates God’s truth for the exiled.

It’s normal to want an escape from trials, but escape is not always a luxury we get to experience. God will indeed rescue his people, but there may be challenges along the way. Those in exile wanted a shortcut. But Jeremiah reminds them to trust God’s plan; that through their trials, the surrounding community would be blessed (Jeremiah 29).

My symptoms of depression, while undesired, illuminated deeper truths that needed acknowledgment. This led me to counseling. Gratefully, my soul is now in a lighter place and wounds have been or are being healed. I sought the Lord through a season of trial and along the way, I was able to share blessings with others.

God of truth, help me to see beyond what I perceive. Amen.

About the Author

Izabela Cormier serves as worship arts director at Canal Street Church in New Orleans, which was adopted into the Covenant seven years ago. She and her husband, Max are “parents” to an extra fluffy, super playful miniature Siberian husky named Clive Staples Cormier.

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