Remind Your Soul

Remind Your Soul

Sunday, June 28

Read: Psalm 13

All humans experience change and various seasons of the soul. A healthy approach to transition includes acknowledging one’s true emotions and thought patterns.

In today’s psalm we are given an example of honesty with one’s self and honesty before God. This psalm provides me with language that articulates the kind of anguish that comes from not knowing how long I will have to endure something.

It’s easier to prepare for finite experiences of pain, such as doing a certain amount of reps of free-weight exercises. We know that we will become stronger as a result. But when the anguish seems endless, it’s more difficult to persevere.

Set a timer for ten minutes. During that time, read through each line of Psalm 13 slowly. Say each line out loud, adjusting it slightly to become a prayer for your soul. Remind your soul of God’s unfaltering love for you, of God’s plan to rescue humanity. Perhaps a song of praise and thanksgiving can arise from the desolation.

Wonderful Counselor, remind our souls of your faithfulness, turn our despair into delighting in you. Amen.

About the Author

Izabela Cormier serves as worship arts director at Canal Street Church in New Orleans, which was adopted into the Covenant seven years ago. She and her husband, Max are “parents” to an extra fluffy, super playful miniature Siberian husky named Clive Staples Cormier.

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