Down, but Not Out!

Down, but Not Out!

Friday, June 26

Read: PSALM 69:1-12

It’s hard to read this text and not be moved by David’s words. They resonate so deeply because they speak well to the unfortunate parts of our own human experiences. The images these words evoke speak to a season David was living through that was difficult, dire, and dreadful. He was most certainly down but not out.

Interspersed within this vivid description of his difficulties is his faith, hope, and resolve. David is mindful of the waters that threaten to overtake him, but he knows salvation comes from Yahweh. Though weary from weeping, he is resolved to wait on the One who never fails. David’s lament reminds us that it’s healthy to acknowledge our sufferings without glorifying them. All glory belongs to God. When it seems like the weight of the world threatens to crush us, we’re invited to trust in the One who has “overcome the world” (John 16:33).

David knew he was not alone in his suffering and neither are we.

Lord, save us! Amen.

About the Author

Paul Robinson was elected at the 2019 Covenant Annual Meeting as executive minister of Love Mercy Do Justice (LMDJ) of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Prior to that he was pastor of a Covenant church in the Twin Cities area. His vision for LMDJ includes intentional relationship building and resourcing all communities across the Covenant.

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