We’re Set Free

We’re Set Free

Thursday, June 25

Read: ROMANS 6:1b-11

Death is unpleasant. Even when people die “peacefully,” the journey to that point can be very difficult. The perceived lack of suffering of those who die does not negate the sorrow experienced by those who remain. I’ve been present during the last life chapter of family members, friends, and congregants. I’m amazed at the fight to live that many exhibit even when they’re close to the end. This context is important when we consider how difficult it is to die to our old self in order to embrace our new life in Christ.

Christ’s work on the cross is finished. His death simultaneously crucified the old self so we would no longer be ruled by sin. This opening Christ affords requires intentionality on our part. Because we have not lost our capacity to sin, we must choose to die to sin each day. The old you won’t go without a fight!

Lord, we praise you for giving us the victory over sin! AMEN. 

About the Author

Paul Robinson was elected at the 2019 Covenant Annual Meeting as executive minister of Love Mercy Do Justice (LMDJ) of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Prior to that he was pastor of a Covenant church in the Twin Cities area. His vision for LMDJ includes intentional relationship building and resourcing all communities across the Covenant.

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