Suffering for Christ

Suffering for Christ

Sunday, June 21

Read: PSALM 86:1-10

It’s unremarkable to be faithful to God when things are going our way. Being hopeful when our basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing are met is not a stretch. Gratitude is a familiar sentiment when we’re getting what we need from life. A timeless question for people of faith is, “How do we remain faithful, hopeful, and grateful when things are downright bad?” The psalmist’s response to suffering is illustrative of the power of putting our trust in God.

God is without limit in ability and resourcefulness! Sometimes this truth is hard to reconcile with our circumstances. We wonder, “Why am I hungry when the cattle on a thousand hills belong to God?” One way we make sense of our suffering is to acknowledge that suffering itself is a tool of discipleship. Paul implies that suffering for Christ is a privilege (Philippians 1:29)!

How are you trusting God through your suffering?

Lord, until you deliver me from my suffering, help me trust you through it. AMEN.

About the Author

Paul Robinson was elected at the 2019 Covenant Annual Meeting as executive minister of Love Mercy Do Justice (LMDJ) of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Prior to that he was pastor of a Covenant church in the Twin Cities area. His vision for LMDJ includes intentional relationship building and resourcing all communities across the Covenant.

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