A Missionary’s Call

A Missionary’s Call

Friday, June 19  |  Juneteenth

Read: ISAIAH 6:1-8

The scene Isaiah describes in today’s reading leaves me breathless. God. The throne. Seraphs with six wings each calling out, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts” so loudly the house shakes and is “filled with smoke” (v. 4). Isaiah’s fear is palpable.

God sees Isaiah’s humble reaction and rewards it. One of the seraphs puts a live coal to Isaiah’s lips and announces that his sins and guilt are gone. He is a new man. Isaiah’s fear turns to faithful courage. When God asks, “Whom shall I send?” Isaiah responds, “Send me” (v. 8).

This story reminds me of missionaries, including one of my brothers, who answer God’s call to be sent in Jesus’s name. Their courage, trust, and faith amaze me. While I don’t feel led to reply, “Here am I; send me,” I can support those whom God has chosen to answer his call.

Jesus, help me remember your missionaries with prayer and support as they answer your call, “Whom shall I send?” AMEN.

About the Author

Diane Riley is a charter member of Monadnock Covenant Church, in Keene, New Hampshire. Now semi-retired, she has been a staff writer and editor at a local newspaper, proofreader and copy editor, and, for a short time, a high-school English teacher and administrative assistant at her church.

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