God Rested

God Rested

Wednesday, June 10

Read: Genesis 2:1-4

I love that we have a God who shows us fully how to live and be fruitful. God shows us how to create well and care for creation well, but God also shows us how to care for ourselves well. God is all powerful; he does not need to rest, but he rested on the seventh day. He is the source of all power and energy, but the fact that he rested on the Sabbath, setting that day apart, shows us that he cares about our well-being.

In the midst of our culture’s focus on busyness and efficiency, I sometimes forget the importance of rest. When we wear our full schedules as a badge of honor and accomplishment, we find it hard to slow down and be at rest. There is room for me to grow in this practice, but I am trying to make it part of my rhythm of life to take sabbath and rest with my family.

God created us in his own image to co-create with him, but also to rest in him.

God, you have given us everything we need, including an example of what rest looks like. Help us to take time this week to sit with you and rest. AMEN.

About the Author

For the past three years, Jorden Meyers has served as pastor of Evangelical Covenant Church of Lafayette, Indiana. He and his wife recently became foster parents. In addition, they have two young children.

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