God Empowered

God Empowered

Monday, June 8

Read: GENESIS 1:14-23

My faith is most assured when I am out in nature and reveling in the sheer magnitude of God’s creation. Some of my most vivid memories include driving through the mountains in Mexico, hiking on a glacier in Alaska, ziplining over the waterfalls in Costa Rica, hiking through the deep sandstone gorges of Turkey Run State Park in Indiana, wading out in Lake Michigan at Foster Beach in Chicago, and sitting on the back porch looking up at countless stars in the night’s sky.

God creates all of this for our enjoyment and for our flourishing. The majority of God’s creative energy goes into creating the perfect environment for us to live and dwell. When I am asked about my faith in God, I can’t help but think about the wonderful world he has created for you and me.

God, help us to see your creation afresh this day. May our faith be strengthened by the magnitude of your creativity. AMEN.

About the Author

For the past three years, Jorden Meyers has served as pastor of Evangelical Covenant Church of Lafayette, Indiana. He and his wife recently became foster parents. In addition, they have two young children.

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