God Created

God Created

Sunday, June 7

When I sit and ponder the magnitude of God and his infinite power and presence in my life, I often end up thinking about creation. The whole canon of Scripture begins with “In the beginning God created….” From the initial words of Scripture, we get the first characteristic of God. God is the great creator. From the beginning, God created, and he started by creating an empty canvas. Genesis 1:2 tells us God created an earth that was void and formless. From that formless void, God created even more of his grand canvas, creating the light, the sky and sea, and the land and plants. I just sit in awe of the masterful Creator and his masterful creation.

In these first thirteen verses of Scripture, God is setting that stage for the future flourishing of all of his children, providing for us the ideal habitat.

Jesus, help us to see your creation afresh this day. Let us see the beautiful things you have given to us and be grateful. AMEN.

About the Author

For the past three years, Jorden Meyers has served as pastor of Evangelical Covenant Church of Lafayette, Indiana. He and his wife recently became foster parents. In addition, they have two young children.

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