Spiritual Team Work

Spiritual Team Work

Friday, June 5

Like the human body, which has many parts with specialized functions, the body of Christ is made up of people with different gifts and abilities to fulfill a purpose for the kingdom of God. As we are all baptized by one Spirit, we live lives characterized by mutual interdependence. This interdependence recognizes that each person is highly valued and necessary for the function of body, but each person also needs the body to function at his or her best.

It is our differences that enable us to work interdependently for the benefit of the body of Christ. This knowledge helps us respond to one another differently. What if we lived knowing that each person—highly capable in their own right—relied on us to do our part, so that they could better do their own part? Would this knowledge change the way we support one another?

God of grace, thank you for creating your people, who work together for your glory and for the benefit of your kingdom. AMEN.

About the Author

An ordained Covenant minister and spiritual director, Tammy J. Roach currently serves as the adult ministries pastor at Alleluia! Lutheran Church in Naperville, Illinois. She is co-founder (with her husband) and executive director/program manager of Cornerstone Retreat Center, which ministers to first responders and their families. She lives in Plainfield, Illinois.

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