Humble and Kind

Humble and Kind

Tuesday, May 12

In 2015, Tim McGraw released a song that soared to the top of the charts, “Humble and Kind.” The official video, found on YouTube, gives substance to the profound differences among the peoples of our world and the simple bond of our humanity. Humility, compassion, kindness, sympathy, and love for one another are distinguishing qualities.

In our social media world where conflict is amplified, getting the last word in is glorified, and being right wins over seeking peace, it is an anomaly to find those who exchange cursing for blessing. Yet this is the call from Peter and the plea from Paul (Philippians 2:1-11).

What is the path of love as we talk face to face, screen to screen, or keyboard to keyboard? Let us stay humble, be kind, seek peace and pursue it!

Jesus, we know we are quick to defend and fight. Teach us to hear your love for us so we may offer it in return to those who seem to be our enemy. Amen.

About the Author

A long-time member of Arvada Covenant Church, in Arvada, Colorado, Cheryl Meakins is executive director of Living Aspen, a nonprofit that helps women and men heal from abuse. She is also a spiritual director and is completing work on a Master of Divinity Degree and Certificate in Nonprofit Administration at North Park Theological Seminary.

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