Companion May/June Issue to Be Published Online Only

CHICAGO, IL (April 29, 2020) – Due to the pandemic, all content for the May/June issue of the Covenant Companion will be published online only. An extra issue already has been added to existing print subscriptions, so subscribers will not miss out on any content.

“While we recognize that digital delivery is not the same as holding a magazine in your hands, we hope you will join us as an online community,” Cathy Norman Peterson, editorial director, wrote in a letter to subscribers.

She added, “The Companion team is continuing to pursue our mission to inform, encourage, and challenge the entire Covenant community with stories, perspectives, and ideas that impact the church and connect its members.”

The Companion staff has also made the Covenant Home Altar available for free online during this season. To read daily devotional reflections by Covenanters for Covenanters, click here.

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