Table Fellowship

Table Fellowship

Tuesday, April 28

Read: Acts 2:46-47

In the Bohra Muslim community in India, people eat their meals from a common platter that is called thaal. It is a custom that they firmly believe keeps them together. This is the image that comes to my mind when I think of members of the early church breaking bread together—building intimacy and trust with each other through table fellowship.

In our passage for the day we see that the work of the Spirit is revealed in driving the young church that embodied worship through the sharing of meals and prayers as a gathered community. This authentic way of life witnessed and attracted many others to this radical path. We are invited as people of faith to live out our worship in tangible ways.

We are invited to push through our discomfort and build intentional community that invites all to the table—those we agree with and those we disagree with.

Yeshu, help me live out your love in me in radical ways, so that you may be glorified and more fully known. Amen.

About the Author

Prajakta David moved from India to Chicago to study nursing at North Park University. She went on to earn an MBA and master’s in Christian formation. An ordained pastor in the Hindustani Covenant Church in India, she serves as manager of church relations for Serve Globally of the Evangelical Covenant Church. She is a member of River City Community Church, a Covenant congregation in Chicago.

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