People over Possessions

People over Possessions

Monday, April 27

Read: Acts 2:42-45

A strong emphasis in collectivist cultures is placing the good of a community over the good for an individual—creating harmony through interdependency to build community.

This was also an essential characteristic of the first church. The community of believers lived sacrificially, holding everything in common as a radical response to the Spirit’s movement within them. Their sharing of possessions marked their commitment to each other over what they owned, a way of acknowledging that they and their possessions belonged to Christ.

We can learn so much from voices on the margins around the world about living from a place of abundance and providence for each other, versus scarcity and fear of the unknown future. May we be transformed and challenged by their faithful witness to God’s character.

God of all, help us learn to live more fully in ways of your kingdom, valuing people over our longing for possessions. Amen.

About the Author

Prajakta David moved from India to Chicago to study nursing at North Park University. She went on to earn an MBA and master’s in Christian formation. An ordained pastor in the Hindustani Covenant Church in India, she serves as manager of church relations for Serve Globally of the Evangelical Covenant Church. She is a member of River City Community Church, a Covenant congregation in Chicago.

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