Believing Thomas

Believing Thomas

Thursday, April 23

Thomas lived with his doubts for a week. Surely in that time there were discussions with the disciples about what really happened. Thomas still needed proof, but those days allowed him the opportunity to consider the implications of a resurrected Jesus. So when Jesus again decides to bypass the door and appear among his disciples, Thomas is ready. He knows what is at stake. He sees Jesus, feels his scars, and then says something that no faithful Jew would ever say. Thomas looked a man in the face and said, “My Lord and my God.” This was a confession of faith beyond what any of the other disciples had come to yet. It was heresy— except that it was true.

In Thomas we see the fruit of handling doubts faithfully, staying connected to God and God’s community. Thomas’s profession of faith impacted the church’s understanding of Jesus; his doubts never could.

Lord Jesus, reveal yourself to me in new ways today. AMEN.

About the Author

Tyler Johnson lives in Urbandale, Iowa, where he and his wife, Erin, serve as co-pastors of Urban Heights Covenant Church. Before entering seminary, Johnson was an engineer and worked at Johnson Space Center in Houston. He holds a fifth-degree black belt in traditional tae kwon do, which he teaches at church.

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