Faithful Thomas

Faithful Thomas

Wednesday, April 22

Thomas gets a bad rap. We don’t know much about him, but it feels simplistic and unfair to label him “doubting.” I struggle with this moniker for him because I can’t imagine responding any differently than he did.

The news Thomas receives is incredible: a man has risen from the dead. These kinds of things don’t happen. Thomas strikes me as a rational man whose mind could come up with a dozen scenarios to explain away the other disciples’ report. To truly accept that Jesus had risen, Thomas would need proof. Thomas doubted, but he didn’t lose faith. Instead, Thomas seemed to understand better than the rest of the disciples what Jesus’s resurrection would mean. It would be a gamechanger on a cosmic scale. Thomas would not head down that path flippantly.

We are not faithless when we have doubts. I have found that doubts handled faithfully can draw us closer to God more than anything else.

God of truth, may all my doubts find their answer in you. AMEN.

About the Author

Tyler Johnson lives in Urbandale, Iowa, where he and his wife, Erin, serve as co-pastors of Urban Heights Covenant Church. Before entering seminary, Johnson was an engineer and worked at Johnson Space Center in Houston. He holds a fifth-degree black belt in traditional tae kwon do, which he teaches at church.

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