South Sudanese Church Offers Tribute to Jim Sundholm

Jim Sundholm spent four months of a sabbatical in 2000 working with the church, which included teaching and consulting on projects in Gambella, Ethiopia, where many fled during one of Sudan’s civil wars.

(April 21, 2020) The Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan and Ethiopia released the following tribute to Jim Sundholm, the former Covenant World Relief director and Covenant pastor who died March 27. (Obituary)

The entire membership of the ECCSSE and the people of South Sudan who were touched by the wonderful deeds of Jim Sundholm are all hurt by the departure of Jim Sundholm who transformed the lives of the people. He will be missed by thousands of people in South Sudan beyond the church margins.

Jim Sundholm served the ECCSSE as the father, counselor, mentor, professional preacher, great teacher, and renowned spiritual leader who worked tirelessly and supported the ECCSSE and saved the lives of multitudes in South Sudan. His rich legacy shall remain in the hearts and minds of many South Sudanese and Ethiopians who were touched by his marvelous deeds.

Rev. Jim Sundholm, who served as director of Covenant World Relief, supported the mission of the ECC with maximum efforts:

  • He approved and supported several reliefs projects that saved the lives of desperate people of South Sudan who were affected by both human-made and natural disasters during the brutal civil wars and violence.
  • He stood firm alongside Rev. Jerry Rice during the establishment of ECCSSE mission in South Sudan and Ethiopia. He conducted several visits to South Sudan refugee camps around Gambella, Ethiopia, and visited several towns in South Sudan.
  • He approved the construction of Good Hope Academy School Building in Bentiu (Unity State), South Sudan, that equipped thousands of orphans.
  • He approved the construction of the building in the Kuergeng district around Gambella that was named after him the “Jim Sundholm Church Building.” Rev. Jim Sundholm and his brother Dick are among those who raised the money for that construction.
  • He approved the purchase of the river boat that is being used by the ECCSSE for commercial purposes.

Rev. Jim Sundholm transformed the lives of several people and brought them to Christ through his wonderful deeds. His marvelous efforts shall never be forgotten by the people of South Sudan whom he served. He was a person with many good qualities in his personal life. He was a very compassionate person who cared for the poor and served their needs.

Furthermore, the ECCSSE would like to celebrate his life across South Sudan and Ethiopia when the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Our prayers are with Rev. Jim Sundholm’s immediate family, beginning with his wife Carol, son Luke, two daughters Johanna and Rachel along with their husbands, and his grandchildren. We will continue to place Jim’s family members in our prayers, and our hearts shall remain firm with them.

May the Good Lord rest his soul in eternal peace!

Rev. Mathew Jock Moses

ECCSSE President

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