Allegiance to Christ

Allegiance to Christ

Monday, April 20

There is a pesky theme in the New Testament that just won’t go away. It seems that a discontentment with this world is necessary to live the life of a disciple. We are reminded often of the perishability of stuff and the inevitability of suffering. But I hate suffering, and I really like stuff. Yet Peter says trials and griefs come to prove the genuineness of our faith.

“Faith” can be a sloppy word for Christians. Sometimes we use it so glibly and often that it can easily lose its meaning. A book I read suggested that when we find “faith” in the Bible, we should try replacing it with “allegiance.” If the sentence still makes sense, then we may be closer to the author’s original intent. I find that exercise helpful in this passage. It is our allegiance to Jesus our Savior, even amidst all the suffering and the stuff this world offers, that truly matters.

Lord Jesus, may my allegiance be to you today before all else. AMEN.

About the Author

Tyler Johnson lives in Urbandale, Iowa, where he and his wife, Erin, serve as co-pastors of Urban Heights Covenant Church. Before entering seminary, Johnson was an engineer and worked at Johnson Space Center in Houston. He holds a fifth-degree black belt in traditional tae kwon do, which he teaches at church.

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  1. I like that! It makes a lot of sense to use “allegiance” instead of an overworked word we gloss right over.

  2. I like your thought of “allegiance to” Christ rather than “faith in” Christ and will definitely
    attempt to keep that in mind.

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