Suffering for Good: Good Friday

Suffering for Good

Good Friday, April 10

Given my traumatic upbringing, some people ask if I ever wonder, “Why me?” The simple answer is no. The more complex question is: “What for, God?”

The “why me?” answer always seemed clear. Suffering happens to everyone. We are guaranteed pain. I think because God created me as a storyteller, he was much more interested in my focusing on the greater purpose of suffering. When we look at whom we worship, Jesus is not some extravagant king who marries well and lives happily ever after. He is a humble servant dying for those who are undeserving of his grace.

Good Friday teaches us that suffering for good is God-like. Without personal knowledge of suffering, I would not be a compassionate pastor, wife, mother, or friend. Through personal experiences with pain, we love more fully and intentionally. 

Praise God for his great love.

Jesus, thank you for suffering for our good. AMEN.

About the Author

Tone Waters is the director of global outreach and communications at Faith Covenant Church in Burnsville, Minnesota. She plans to attend North Park Theological Seminary over the next five years to earn a Master of Divinity Degree and pursue a calling to pastoral ministry.

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