Roles We Play

Roles We Play

Wednesday, April 8

God made me a natural communicator. At the age of eight I won my first award for writing. At age thirteen I landed a supporting role in the eighth-grade musical, The Music Man. My childhood achievements stemmed entirely from how God created me. Although I received little encouragement as a child, I know now my gifts and talents blossomed because of who my Creator made me to be.

In John’s Gospel, it is clear God scripts our roles in unique ways. Jesus interacts with each of his disciples differently. The words he shares with Peter, Judas, and the group reflect not only his character but the character of those whom he created. And though we each must go about the parts we play in God’s grand story, our mission is clear: love one another.

As we approach the latter half of Holy Week, how will you commit to sharing Jesus’s love with others?

Jesus, help me use who you made me to be in order to fully love others. AMEN.

About the Author

Tone Waters is the director of global outreach and communications at Faith Covenant Church in Burnsville, Minnesota. She plans to attend North Park Theological Seminary over the next five years to earn a Master of Divinity Degree and pursue a calling to pastoral ministry.

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