New Covenant Offices Worship Video Released

CHICAGO, IL (April 8, 2020) – A second video that combines Covenant Offices staff members performing worship music while quarantined at home is now posted online. The new video is “Lord I Need You.”

More than 3,700 people have viewed the video of Covenant Offices staff singing “It is Well With My Soul” since it was posted last Thursday.

The recording brings together videos of individuals singing or playing their parts while quarantined. It was first shown during the office’s virtual chapel service last Wednesday.

Churches have included the recording in their online services and individuals have shared it with friends. One person posted on social media that, “We listened last night and my son joined on piano and my daughter on flute. Really beautiful.”

“It’s an amazing thing to watch this little video made by the efforts of ordinary people be used by the Holy Spirit, our Blazing Center, to bring some measure of comfort and inspiration to so many people in these trying times,” said Scott Wilder, the desktop administrator for Covenant Offices, who organized the effort and edited the the videos.

“As we approach Easter, the ministry of this video has been the most wonderful reminder that God is so incredibly good.”

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