2020 Annual Meeting Canceled

CHICAGO, IL (April 8, 2020) – Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Evangelical Covenant Church Executive Board has voted unanimously to cancel the 135th Annual Meeting and all accompanying events, which were scheduled to be held June 25-27 in Phoenix, Ariz.

There will be no virtual meeting. It is the first time in the denomination’s history it has not held an Annual Meeting.

The Constitution and Bylaws allow the Executive Board to act on behalf of the denomination when the Annual Meeting is not in session, so essential business can continue in the interim until any decisions can be ratified at the 2021 meeting.

“We are incredibly disappointed to make this announcement, and we lament the loss it causes our community,” said Jenell Pluim, chair of the Executive Board, wrote in the announcement.

“I am grateful for the courage, compassion, and wisdom of the Covenant Executive Board,” president John Wenrich said. “I will greatly miss being together with my sisters and brothers at Gather. In the coming weeks, we will continue to work alongside the Executive Board and leaders from throughout the Covenant Church to continue pursuing our mission and ministry.”

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