Let God Lead

Let God Lead

Wednesday, April 1

Read: Psalm 43

Ernie Pyle, the noted war correspondent, was a man of moods. He is reported to have said in a time of deep despondency, “If you have any light, shine it in my direction. God knows I have run out of light.”

Our little lamps flicker and fade out. Only God’s light and truth endure. He has not abdicated, nor can anyone dethrone him. When we are in distress, we are assured that he knows, cares, and can guide us out of our tribulation.

In the first chapter of the Bible we are told repeatedly that it was evening and morning on a certain day. We naturally think of a day as beginning in the morning and ending in the evening. In God’s economy, however, light always succeeds the darkness. His day never ends in gloom. We are traveling toward sunrise.

Deepen, dear God, our confidence in your sustaining and guiding power. AMEN.

About the Author

Theodore W. Anderson (1889–1972) served as president of the Evangelical Covenant Church for twenty-six years, from 1933 to 1959. Elected during the height of the Depression, he guided the church through a time of challenges, conflict, and developing identity. Anderson wrote these devotionals for the Home Altar in 1963.

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