Covenant Living Staff Help Couple Reconnect

(March 24, 2020) – Dr. Evan Otteson and his wife of 60 years, Gloria, are residents of Covenant Living at the Shores in Mercer Island, Washington, but live apart in different areas of the community.

Due to the danger of the COVID-19 virus, Covenant Living has barred all visitors to skilled nursing and assisted living on its campuses. That meant Gloria was no longer able to make her daily visits.

On Sunday, however, Gloria asked if it was possible for her to visit with her husband over the phone and potentially see him through his window. Staff discovered that it was possible for her to stand on the sidewalk below his second-story room so they could see each other while having a conversation.

The community Chaplain shared the use of his mobile phone and the couple ended up talking for ten minutes.

The Ottesons are longtime members of Newport Covenant Church in Bellevue, Washington. Evan’s father was Covenant evangelist and pastor Gilbert Ottesson.

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