Candidates for Ordination, Consecration Approved 2019

OMAHA, NE (June 28, 2019)—Delegates to the 134th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church approved the following candidates for Ordination to Word and Sacrament, Ordination to Word and Service, finalization of transfer of ordination, as well as consecration to missionary service.


Candidates for Transfer of Ordination

Jeremy J. Falk, Uptown Covenant Church, Chicago, Illinois

William F. Johnson III, Cornerstone Church of Boston, Boston, Massachusetts

John A. Lloyd, Dolores Park Church, San Francisco, California

Jeffery S. Pate, Ochsner Medical Center, New Orleans, Louisiana


Candidate for Commissioning

Cody D. Anderson, Faith Covenant Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Candidates for Ordination to Word and Service

Carlos E. DeVitis, Peninsula Covenant Church, Redwood City, California

Donna M. Harris, Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Marcus W. Lantz, Covenant Youth of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska

Megan L. Sizemore, Journeycare Hospice, Barrington, Illinois

Phillip P. Voland, Global personnel, Germany


Candidates for Ordination to Word and Sacrament

David P. Arnott, Navy chaplaincy

Phillip E. Beatty, Hartford City Covenant Church, Manchester, Connecticut

Curtis G. Beeson, The Rock Covenant Church, Manhattan Beach, California

Stephen D. Bjorlin, Irvington Covenant Church, Portland, Oregon

Karen E. Brewer, Atonement Covenant Church, Chicago, Illinois

Michaile Murray Broadnax, Institute for Biblical Gender Equality, Munster, Indiana

James G. Candy, Ascent Community Church, Louisville, Colorado

David J. Capozzi, Brockton Covenant Church, Brockton, Massachusetts

Carlos A. Cevallos, Iglesia del Pacto de Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California

Mark Charbonneau, The Vine Covenant Church, Austin, Texas

Kendall C. Churchill, Calvary Covenant Church, Evansville, Minnesota

Cynthia R. Comiso, Highrock Quincy Covenant Church, Quincy, Massachusetts

Anna N. Cornell, Bloomington Covenant Church, Bloomington, Minnesota

Edward F. DeForest, Community Covenant Church, Eagle River, Alaska

Lisa C. Eastman, Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett, Washington

Karen Figueroa, Centro Hispano de Estudios Teologicos, Compton, California

Sara A. Fisher, University Covenant Church, Davis, California

Bradley D. Friedlein, Crossroads Evangelical Covenant Church, Forest Lake, Minnesota

Angelina E. Giancola, Highrock North Shore, Salem, Massachusetts

Thomas P. Greentree, Evangelical Covenant Church of Erickson, Erickson, British Columbia

Mitchell E. Haaby, Cedarbrook Church, Menomonie, Wisconsin

Brynn E. Harrington, Highrock North Shore, Salem, Massachusetts

Stephen R. Hoffman, Komstad Covenant Church, Beresford, South Dakota

Bum Yong Kim, Outpour Evangelical Covenant Church, St. Louis, Missouri

Leo T. Kim, New Life Covenant Church, Palatine, Illinois

Eric G. Landin, Batavia Covenant Church, Batavia, Illinois

Timothy C. Moore, Roots Covenant Church, St. Paul, Minnesota

Philips V. R. Nethagani, Abundant Life Covenant Church, Brampton, Ontario

Trinity L. Opp, Alexandria Covenant Church, Alexandria, Minnesota

Scott P. Parr, Christ Community Covenant Church, Arvada, Colorado

Ancy Susan Post, Metro Community Church, Englewood, New Jersey

Joseph T. Riffe, Church of the Redeemer, Bowie, Maryland

Tammy J. Roach, Alleluia! Lutheran Church, Naperville, Illinois

Noel P. Simms, Greater Faith Covenant Church, Riverdale, Georgia

Dean A. Soule, Community Covenant Church, El Cajon, California

Jessica L. Springer, Community Evangelical Covenant Church, Lenexa, Kansas

Laura B. Van Norman, Abbey Way Covenant Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stephanie R. Voland, Global personnel, Germany

Kenneth J. White, Forest Park Covenant Church, Muskegon, Michigan

Mason A. Williams, Redwood Covenant Church, Santa Rosa, California

Andrew P. Wollitzer, Berkeley Covenant Church, Berkeley, California

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