Big Q – How do you observe Lent?

In our house we don’t usually give things up for Lent, but several years ago, my husband decided to stop driving over the speed limit for the forty days leading up to Easter. He reasoned that slowing down might give him more reflection time in the car. But the other cars on the road were no more intent on practicing patience, and by the second week our kids were begging for him to let mom do the driving. In the end we were mostly just glad to return to driving that extra five miles per hour over the limit that we all know won’t get us pulled over. But it did cause me to consider other ways I could clear out space to prepare for Easter.

Ash Wednesday is a month away, and the Companion wants to hear what spiritual practices Covenanters engage in during Lent. Do you make space for a Lenten devotional, enter into a spiritual discipline such as prayer or fasting, or find ways to serve others? How do you observe Lent?

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  1. I try to give up those attitudes and behaviors I think God wants me to give up: anxiety, demeaning thoughts about others, materialism, short snide answers, and frustration when people or situations aren’t as I’d planned. It’s head and heart work which I find much more difficult than giving up chocolate.

  2. I volunteered at my son’s third grade school Valentine party. On the ride home, he asked his friend why he wasn’t eating any of his candy. He explained he gave it up for Lent, that Catholics have to suffer in Lent to remember that Jesus suffered. My son, sighed and said “I’m glad we are Covenant. That’s a religion where you can eat anything you want.”

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