Yee: Adapt Volunteer Recruiting Systems to Church Culture

DENVER, CO (January 30, 2019) – Attracting and enlisting volunteers can be a challenge in the church, but developing intentional systems can help, said Angela Yee, ECC executive director of ministry development, in her presentation on “Creating a Thriving Service-Oriented Culture” at the 2019 Midwinter Conference on Friday.

A church may have a culture of serving, but there is a high probability that people will leave if an intentional system isn’t available for them to use their gifts or pursue their interests, Yee said.

Other churches may have clear systems, but lack a strong culture of serving, Yee said. As a result, people stay, but little gets accomplished.

Yee identified four systems to help recruit volunteers. Which system to choose depends on where a potential volunteer is in their church involvement: committed, curious, clueless (regarding possibilities), or complacent. Yee previously served as executive pastor of Hug Church, a Covenant church plant in Fullerton, California, and as director of mission and ministry at Saddleback Church in Irvine, California.

Click here to see video of her talk and other plenary speakers. For more videos from Yee click here.

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