CWR Responding to Yemen’s ‘Unprecedented Humanitarian Needs’

CHICAGO, IL (January 8, 2019) – Covenant World Relief is encouraging donations to address the crisis in Yemen, which has led to “unprecedented humanitarian needs,” according to the United Nations.

There are 22 million people in need of humanitarian aid, and a cholera outbreak has affected 1.1 million people.

A CWR partner is providing emergency provisions of clean drinking water as well as health and hygiene training. For security reasons, we are not identifying the partner.

Donations can be made to the general disaster fund. Please note “Yemen” in the honor/memorial box.

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Stan Friedman is the news and online editor for the Covenant Companion and is grateful for the opportunity to serve in a job that combines his newspaper and pastoral ministry experience. He has been to 15 Bruce Springsteen concerts in four cities and listened to “Thunder Road” an average of at least once a day for 41 years.

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  1. Our Serve Globally MENA (Middle East North Africa) team would encourage all who are able to 1. Pray for this desperate situation and 2. To consider a gift of any size that will contribute much needed emergency relief and development through the CWR partners. These global sisters and brothers are in tremendous need due to the horrible combination of war and famine.

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