Steve Klimkowski Appointed Executive Director of Finance

CHICAGO, IL (January 4, 2019) — Steve Klimkowski has been appointed to serve as the new executive director of finance, ECC president John Wenrich announced today.

The executive director oversees all financial matters of the ECC, including serving as treasurer, and provides oversight of benefits, insurance, and financial services and resources. Klimkowski will start his new position on Monday.

Paul Hawkinson, executive director of finance/corporate treasurer, will conclude his service by June. Over the next six months he and Klimkowski will collaborate to facilitate a smooth transition for this mission area that interfaces with multiple ministry teams, affiliates, and constituents at large. After Gather, Hawkison will continue to serve in an advisory role in order to bring key affiliate and pension projects to fruition.

“Steve combines financial expertise and missional awareness,” Wenrich said. “He is a man of integrity, a team player, and has a heart for pastors and churches. We are blessed to add such a faithful and fruitful leader to our team.”

Klimkowski has more than 20 years of experience in investments, finance, and executive leadership. He is currently the president and chief executive officer of Double Honor Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity he founded to help alleviate financial need among evangelical pastors.

Prior to that, he worked as the CIO for Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, COO for the University of Chicago’s Office of Investments, and as senior vice president at ABN AMRO / The Chicago Corporation heading up fixed income and risk management.

“I am a mission-driven person,” Klimkowski said. “I have spent the past two decades helping two major Chicago-based nonprofit organizations to steward their financial resources and risks toward the achievement of their missions and goals. It was satisfying and rewarding work; however, there was a growing desire in me to serve God and the church more directly and more explicitly. It is a ‘kingdom dream’ come true—to quote my pastor, Lars Stromberg—for me to serve the ECC as its executive director of finance.”

Klimkowski is a member of Hinsdale (Illinois) Covenant Church, where he currently serves as interim worship director.

“I love the Evangelical Covenant Church,” he said. “I want our church to continue to thrive and grow into every heart and every corner of the earth. I also am vitally concerned about the long-term financial health of pastors and their families. I want all ECC pastors to be able to serve faithfully, fruitfully and with joy without worrying unduly about their finances and future.”

Klimkowski earned his bachelor of arts in economics from the University of Illinois and a master of business administration in finance degree from the University of Chicago.

He is married to his college sweetheart, Alana, and they have four children.


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