Day 22 Gift Idea: Cows

CHICAGO, IL (December 22, 2018) – Throughout the Advent season, Covenant Newswire is highlighting daily gift selections from the CovenantCares giving guide. Through the free annual catalog, Covenanters can partner with brothers and sisters around the globe to give gift donations that will help serve communities and advance God’s work in many areas.

Today we highlight how even a single cow can provide sustainable income and food in India and Kyrgyzstan. A dairy cow can produce as many as three gallons of milk a day and up to 5,000 gallons—or 80,000 glasses—in its lifetime.

In Kyrgyzstan, Covenant World Relief worked with partner Balyk Too to provide high-quality breeds of bulls that have been introduced to produce healthier and larger cows. The stock had gotten weaker due to years of inbreeding. After the introduction of new bulls, farmers already are seeing healthier and larger calves being born.

This current program is an extension of an animal husbandry program that CWR funded almost 15 years ago and which continues to be locally sustained.

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